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Foody Excellence & Such Fairlawn Plaza, Topeka, KS-Best Topeka Coffee Shop – Art Displayed for Sale The Classic Bean coffee shop in Fairlawn Plaza at 21st and Fairlawn has the best tasting chai tea blend around. I have tried them all over the place, and the Classic Bean’s is by far the most rich and savory while maintaining an important subtlety in spice and sweetness. Listen to how tastily vague those […]
Foody Excellence & Such 66609, Topeka, KS-Tasty Mexican Food, 24 Hours A Day- Pancho’s Mexican Food I’m a fan of Pancho’s for a few reasons. The first is that they are open 24 hours a day. Second, is that the food is prepared in authentic fashion as opposed to fast food fashion. Also, I like that they are a stand-alone building not located in a shopping center. The building might even […]
Foody Excellence & Such 66608, Topeka, KS – Bradley’s Corner Cafe – NOTO Pie Pie Pie!!! Bradley’s Corner Cafe is a throwback, American style, corner restaurant located in Topeka’s up and coming NOTO Arts District. They serve a banana creme pie that is so delicious it put me in a trance. Its flavor painted a portrait of Chiquita banana dancing the merengue with a baker in my head. Even the meringue […]
Foody Excellence & Such Shawnee Heights, Topeka, KS – Ling’s Express 2 – Chinese Food at Lake Shawnee! Here at Ling’s Express one thing is for sure the General Tsao’s Chicken is made nice and crispy. It even tastes different than the sesame chicken. In my personal opinion that is a must! They’re also generous when it comes to serving sizes. I asked for extra broccoli, and they gave me plenty. Some may even […]
Foody Excellence & Such North Topeka East, Topeka, KS – Country Home Cafe – Awesome Breakfast Sausage! You know when you wake up on a long car ride and the driver tells you you’re almost home…you start feeling good inside – stretching your legs, power yawning, and other endorphin inducing stuff…THAT’S WHAT BREAKFAST HERE AT THE COUNTRY HOME CAFE TASTES LIKE! Really, I keep coming back because of the sausage PATTIES. They […]
Foody Excellence & Such Central Topeka, Topeka, KS – Tortilla Jacks – Tacos of Love If you’re here from out of town go to this hole in the wall Tortilla Jacks! Anybody from Topeka knows that the tacos here always bring a smile to one’s face – AND someone else’s. I’ll explain why…You’ll see someone you know there every single time, that will make you happy! This absolute truth that […]
Foody Excellence & Such 66604, Topeka, KS – China Pavillion – Crunchiest Sesame Chicken! Calling all sesame chicken lovers, Calling all sesame chicken lovers, Calling all sesame chicken lovers!!!!!!! This sesame chicken is awesome. It has -like- changed my view of sesame chicken forever. It’s -like- double crunchy or something! It -like- has me all -like- talking valley girl -like- style and stuff about what I like! It’s true, […]
Foody Excellence & Such Tuptim Thai – Thai Food Staple, The Mack Those that have experienced the joy these tiny Asian morsels bring, keep filling the parking lot for more! The headliner is the Crab Fried Rice, and it is often an item that tempts us towards Tuptim Thai for the evening. I have yet to taste something I didn’t actually enjoy. With the exception of a day […]
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