Foody Excellence & Such January 30, 2023

66604, Topeka, KS – China Pavillion – Crunchiest Sesame Chicken!

Calling all sesame chicken lovers, Calling all sesame chicken lovers, Calling all sesame chicken lovers!!!!!!! This sesame chicken is awesome. It has -like- changed my view of sesame chicken forever. It’s -like- double crunchy or something! It -like- has me all -like- talking valley girl -like- style and stuff about what I like!

It’s true, the decor is of the Retro Coy Fish genre. You know, two generations senior to the Ed Hardy Coy Fish series. Let’s be real, though, we’re there to practice fine ingestion with no limits NOT experience interior design dimensions and gimmicks. Put some delicious food in your mouth for a great price!

The selection is limited to 1.5 tables, but that means the food is fresh and hot. I only wish they had sushi. Plus, your drink is always full and you can buy cheap necklaces and Hello Kitty stuff there!…Hello Kitty!