Foody Excellence & Such February 13, 2023

North Topeka East, Topeka, KS – Country Home Cafe – Awesome Breakfast Sausage!

You know when you wake up on a long car ride and the driver tells you you’re almost home…you start feeling good inside – stretching your legs, power yawning, and other endorphin inducing stuff…THAT’S WHAT BREAKFAST HERE AT THE COUNTRY HOME CAFE TASTES LIKE!

Really, I keep coming back because of the sausage PATTIES. They have an awesome flavor, because the meat is locally raised and purchased from what I’ve been told. They’re the size of quarter pound hamburgers, and it’s not a super fine grind like you find most other places. It’s like a chunky sausage if there is such a thing. I highly recommend giving them a try.

I actually haven’t had their lunch or dinner, but my best bet is that it’s comparable.It’d be convenient to stop here on your way back into Topeka on a long car ride from the East! Oh yeah, the pancakes are huge, too. Happy breakfast!