Foody Excellence & Such January 23, 2023

Tuptim Thai – Thai Food Staple, The Mack

Those that have experienced the joy these tiny Asian morsels bring, keep filling the parking lot for more! The headliner is the Crab Fried Rice, and it is often an item that tempts us towards Tuptim Thai for the evening.

I have yet to taste something I didn’t actually enjoy. With the exception of a day it was 100°f at lunch, and I aimed to prove how strong I was. I decided to order my food Thai HOT. Being my first time, I marked the occasion with an impressive sweaty eye-brow, cheeks, and nose. Lol, you get it I am a hot food kind of guy.  Just accept who you are, and go ahead order the medium hot. Trust me. 🥴

For a stab at a near keto diet I once ordered the Thai Barbecue Chicken, BUT I asked that they replace the rice with cabbage. Last time I was in, an employee walked by and said, “I am surprised you did not order it over cabbage” with a smile. I must be known in the back as Cabbage Guy or Mr. Cabbage, if i’m lucky enough the Cabbage Realtor. I will just roll with that and say that if you are looking to buy a cabbage patch, then I am the stuffed guy for you. Stuffed with Tuptim Thai meals.

Make sure to get the Money Bags! They are small crab rangoons that everybody loves. Order the Pad Thai. And I could even use one of their Thai Crispy Spring Rolls in this 7°f January weather. Dang, Punxsutawney Phil, why did you do this to us?!

Yes, I know, my review barely tells anything about the food. If you feel that way, you are probably a food snob like me, but guess what? You’d probably would be just fine only ordering the things that I mentioned over and over just like I do. Because they’re that good. Look, the food is not cheap. I have had other things over the years and liked them. I just like these things too much to NOT order them. Yeah, I am the guy that played Mark Morrison’s-Return of the Mack 300 times continuously with my auto reverse tape deck back in 1996. You caught me!

Images provided by establishment

Heres something that would really make you feel better. A nice bowl of Green Curry. Thai hot, go for it! Just order something and then let us know what you think. There are lots of unique sounding options. Read the menu, and I am sure they will nail it for you. Catch you later!