Electrical Diagram-What Homeowner is Responsible For

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Conditions Improve…Topeka Sellers Enjoy Summer Housing Market Heat

  Read the article at this link… Topeka Housing Market Heat – Conditions for Sellers Improve …PRICE UP  &  SALES UP these last two years!!!  – Agent Luke

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Pass the Topeka USD 501 Bond Issue Now or Never – State Funding may be spent Somewhere Else

  USD 501 Bond Issue: SUMMARY $63,000,000 of State aid could be spent in Topeka OR it will be spent somewhere else in Kansas Two other Kansas communities are considering bond issues NOW, one has approved it already State aid for bond issue may be dissolved by the Legislature this July Vote for the improvement […]

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Rent To Own a Home: Disadvantages

  There are some dangerous disadvantages to rent to own homes for buyers. First, rent to own can sometimes be a scheme.  The scheme tricks buyers into signing agreements and making large down payments all with the end goal of the buyer missing a single payment and therefore instantly and lawfully losing it all quickly in foreclosure. In other […]

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Topeka Market Improved!

The Topeka Market has improved since 2012. Take a look at this article published by the Topeka Capital Journal…

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