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Key Real Estate Tips

  • Condition and interior colors of home caused listing agent to doubt the sale
  • Agent advised sellers of minor aesthetic improvements AND recommended sellers pay for pre-listing whole house inspection for buyer peace of mind
  • Sellers repainted interior, power washed deck, and made other improvements recommended by inspection
  • After the improvements the listing agent and open house attendees are very excited about the condition of the house and the likelihood it will sell fast in Spring

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I am a REALTOR and recently I excitedly walked into a home for a listing appointment and thought, “Whoa, this is going to be a tough sell.”  I lost enthusiasm, because many of the rooms were painted different pastel colors and the trim was also painted a dark drab color upstairs.  The house had lots of curb appeal and classic charm with lots of wood trim, but from room to room the colors were disruptive to the flow.  Additionally, there were a few minor structural fixes that needed attention.

To my delight, the buyers took all of my advice.  In two weeks, they repainted all the walls and trim a neutral color, they touched up paint lines in corners to really make the paint job look sharp, and they paid for a pre-listing whole house inspection.  The pre-listing inspection pointed out structural things that needed to be fixed for a sale and eliminated worries of what might be uncovered later if we were to wait until we agreed on a sale price with a buyer one day.  Then, the sellers fixed most everything in the report before we even put it on the market!

Here are some example photos:

Notice the affect of the new neutral colors

The end result is that everyone that comes into an open house there finds the home very charming and nearly flawless.  Many stay for over 15 minutes and some come back twice.  Two out of nine have already told me they want to buy it!………………..When it is sold, I will report back!  This is slow February…so, we are still subject to seasonal market conditions.

All in all, the sellers followed my minor improvement advice and now they have a home that buyers and agents get excited about when they walk through the door!  That is what sells a house fast.

Call me at 785-969-9296 for similar home touch up advice to what I gave these sellers!  I will sell your home fastest.


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