Pass the Topeka USD 501 Bond Issue Now or Never – State Funding may be spent Somewhere Else

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USD 501 Bond Issue:


  • $63,000,000 of State aid could be spent in Topeka OR it will be spent somewhere else in Kansas
    • Two other Kansas communities are considering bond issues NOW, one has approved it already
    • State aid for bond issue may be dissolved by the Legislature this July
  • Vote for the improvement of Topeka
  • Property taxes will remain at the current level
  • Economic impact including jobs in Topeka is projected to be $278,000,000
  • Return your ballot by April 8th at noon!!!
    • Please don’t let our opportunity for state funding pass
    • Prosperity in Topeka is good for all of us 


The $143 million bond issue for Topeka USD 501 seems to be controversial, but possibly the most important thing to realize is that the funding may disappear for Topeka. In fact, the state funding will likely be directed to communities other than Topeka and that amounts to $63 million.

Then, the worst thing is Topeka will still need to fund many of the improvement items included in the bond issue, but Topeka will have to do it without help from the state. Remember, if Topeka does not pass the bond issue for USD 501 that aid from the state will surely spent somewhere other than Topeka. For example, Hutchinson has already passed an $78 million bond issue and there are at least two others that have a bond issue on the ballot (Salina $110 million, Liberal $140 million).

As a Topekan, my position is fund this bond issue. Maybe it’s not the most well calculated and designed bond issue ever considered, but which one ever has been?  This one will bring $63 million in state funds to Topeka before that opportunity disappears or the money is spent somewhere else, it will streamline and modernize Topeka’s school system as a whole, and it will bring brick and mortar economic impact and jobs to Topeka!

Did you hear that?  The bond issue is projected to bring $278 million in business to Topeka. THAT IS GREAT FOR THE TOPEKA HOUSING MARKET AND ALL OF US TOPEKANS.  That’s not to mention the benefits for our children.

Some may say I have a careless attitude towards money and spending for this opinion.  So be it.  I also CARE A GREAT DEAL about making TOPEKA A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE and prefer that if state money is spent it is spent where I live.  Pardon my bias.

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